Frequently Asked Questions

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    I don't know the opposing player names. How do I enter the stats?
    No problem. You can simply use the Jersey Number entry method and a player record will automatically be created. The player name will be Unknown Player - 10 (if the jersey number entered was 10).
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    Can I use Stats-Master for regular season games and tournaments or other types of games?
    Absolutely. In fact, we give you the option when you create a game to indicate what type of game it is (i.e. Regular Season, Tournament, Showcase, etc.)
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    How do I record stats for goalkeepers?
    Stats-Master does that automatically. Just make certain you select the goal keeper for each team in the Substitution Screen (near the bottom) and every goal, shot, shot w/ save will record the appropriate goal keeper stat for the other team. It really is that simple!
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    What is the difference between Logger and Viewer modes?
    Logger Mode is for one person per game (a parent or a team manager for example) to record the statistics for the game. Viewer Mode allows one or multiple users to view the statistics in real time (about 10-15 seconds after the statistic has been recorded).
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    How do I create an account?
    You can create an account using our website at or from your mobile device. The first time you launch Stats-Master you will be asked to log into your account or create a new one.
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    I recorded a game and the game is over. Now I can't see the game in my list. What happened?
    We show ACTIVE games by default. Once a game is over, the game status changes to COMPLETE. To view completed games, simply click the View All button at the bottom of the Game List and you will be able to view the statistics for any game.